As an owner operator hauling  freight with Jay B Express, you’ll leverage a successful business partner with extensive networks, plus all of these benefits as you haul with us. 


Vehicle Ownership

In a standard truck driver position, you drive whatever vehicle the company provides; As an Owner Operator, you have the advantage of being in your own truck and customizing it whichever way best suits you. We will help you get into your own truck through leasing arrangements.


Unlimited Fuel allowance

Unlimited fuel allowance to cover your freight. No need to use your own money, we'll give you your own personal fuel card.


You Control Your Schedule 

You can have home time when you need it and get hauling time when you need it. You can rely on. 


You Control Your Fuel Costs

In building any business an adequate profit margin is imperative. Fuel costs are a major cost outlay. As a company driver the company pays the fuel costs, whether you drive efficiently or not. As your own boss your efficient driving means more money in your pocket.


Personal Dispatcher 

We know the best lanes and understand the science behind the logistics to put you in the best position possible to reap the highest rewards. We keep your truck moving and the money flowing in so you can concentrate on what you do best


You Make Your Own Profit

Not only can you control your own fuel costs, you can control every trucking expense in order to maximize your profit margin.

Your good driving and good business habits are rewarded through increased profits.

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